Our story

Dace's Story

In 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like in a Matrix movie I was able to see how, and why I got there. Self-neglect towards my Mental and Physical health had pushed a STOP button.

Pushing through chemotherapy, surgery, radiation I made a vow to push a START button, to lead a different life. Be focused on what really matters. Seek prevention over cure. 

LYL NORDIC (Love Your Life) was my START button and has a product range that has helped me immensely, both Mentally and  Physically.

From managing side effects of chemo to building up strength once treatments ended.

Therefore, I call our LYL NORDIC – “VITAMINS WITH A SOUL” – Each vitamin has been studied, nurtured and developed from our Soul.

It is with passion and life mission that I am proud to be here, telling my story.
And hope it will help bring better health to your life story as well.

Ilona's Story

Through my own decade-long health journey with hormonal disbalance and autoimmune diseases which our western medical system is not equipped to deal with, I became obsessed with seeking different ways to identify and treat the root cause of an issue rather than just managing its symptoms.

After endless tests, doctors visits and a fortune spent on medications without anyone being able to identify what was wrong, I decided to take the responsibility for my health in my own hands. When I changing my lifestyle altogether – cleaned up my diet, processed through unresolved emotions, practiced various mindfulness practices to treat chronic stress, anxiety and insomnia as well as used natural and potent supplementation to support body’s natural healing ability, my healing journey started.

I’m now very passionate about bringing these natural and highly potent products to the market to support your own journey towards a healthier and more balanced life.